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1 minute to understand us

Are we made to get along? Here is an important page. A minute of reading to understand our business project, our vision, our movement to accelerate the transition...

what we are

We are key players in the energy transition. Our actions are at the heart of the challenges of climate change, energy costs, fuel poverty, independence and sovereignty.

where we come from

In 10 years, we have contributed to the development and structuring of the photovoltaic market segment, going beyond the limits of a market which still deserves to be structured and whose image still needs to be improved. Our economic weight makes us today a leader whose responsibility is to be the market catalyst.

The new paradigm

Climate change, the new stigmas of which we see every day, and the recent crises - health, economic, geopolitical - put our backs against the wall, with the war in Ukraine as the high point. It's a profound paradigm shift: nothing will be the same as before; the energy infrastructure of tomorrow will not be the same as today; we need to get out of fossil fuels as quickly as possible. The fight for the climate intersects with the objectives of independence.


Accelerating the energy transition is our mantra. This transition will not happen without specialized companies. 10 years after our launch, we are now changing dimension to build an ambitious business project, focused on the common interest. We are investing in the long term, on an industrial scale. To unite the public around this necessary acceleration, we are initiating a movement, the heroes of transition...

The heroes of the transition

Because there are still many people to convince, it is a battle and it is far from being won, yes, those who commit themselves are heroes of the transition. Our mission is to motivate them, to equip them, to train them, to guarantee them the best infrastructures, to be their best support on the ground, their operational pillar. Our corporate project is the stone we offer to the building of the acceleration of the energy transition. Our new name is POwR. We are not going to stand still, we are giving ourselves the power to move faster.

Want to join us ?

Welcome!   It's not easy being a hero: commitment, respect, ethics, solidarity, expertise... and always kindness. If you share this vision and our values, contact us.

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